Our Salamanca Capsule

The white tees

Inspired by one of the 21 districts that gave life to Madrid, the iconic Salamanca, known for its elegance and uniqueness. It is a live piece of history from the 1870’s, where you relive the architecture and elegant way of life of the old Madrid. Our white tee capsule encompasses the true essence of culture and history in modern life.

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    Pima Crewneck Tee

    Round Neck, Short Sleeve

    $590.00 MXN
    $472.00 MXN
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    Pima Long Sleeve Tee

    Traditional Long sleeve

    $790.00 MXN
    $632.00 MXN
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    Pima Loose Tee

    Elongated neck and added length

    $690.00 MXN
    $552.00 MXN